Accounting & Clubhouse rentals: Our property manager is FCS.   801 905-1057
Maintenance:  801-262-6606             EMERGENCY (only) 801 590-9474

Lender Condo Certs

Mortgage Companies:  Request Insurance Cert  on contact form below.   Include all of the following in your request:                  Mortgagee clause, Loan #, Owner’s name & Address
                                       A fax or email where to send the certificate.

Owners' mortgage companies occasionally request a copy of our master policy.  In this case, ask your mortgage company to go to our website.

  Mailing address: Hidden Lake HOA, 4673 Black Swan Dr., Millcreek, UT 84117

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Board President Corey Payne 801-205-4990  email: 

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